Learn while you play

Everyone around you is already able to cut, glue, thread and make mosaics and now you want to be able to do these things as well! Are these skills tricky to learn? Not at all! With the SES I learn products, learning has never been more fun and simple!

Learning while you play

You are three years old and all you want to do is play. But you also want to be able to do everything a grown-up can do. Lucky for you, you can play and learn grown-up skills at the same time! Learn how to use scissors, make beautiful mosaics, use a hammer and design beautiful bracelets, all while having fun. Your parents can relax and let you craft to your heart’s content because everything is safe for you to use.

Step by step

Our I learn products contain everything you need and you can begin at whatever level best suits you. Start with an easy cutting task and if that goes well, try a harder one next time. The beautiful designs leave you with a wonderful result every time. Practice makes perfect! Soon you’ll be a whiz at using scissors, just like mum and dad!