It’s a beautiful world

There are so many things to discover in the world around you! Like nature, animals and the ground beneath your feet. You don’t need boring science lessons to learn about these things because with SES Explore, you can learn while having fun.

Dig up skeletons and stones

Perhaps you want to be an archaeologist when you grow up and make amazing discoveries in old caves, finding treasures such as old skeletons, jewels, fossils and other wonderful things. With the Explore excavation sets, you can start practising today. And the great thing is, you will always make a big discovery! Take your hammer and chisel and dig like a real archaeologist.

Plants and insects

Are you fascinated by the life in your garden? There are lots of different insects, plants and herbs, and there’s so much to learn about them! Explore has some products that we’re sure you’re going to love. Learn all about insects with the Insect viewer and the Insect city or grow your own plants and herbs.