Take a look in our Play worlds

Crafting fun

Crafting never gets old! There are so many different types of materials to use. Paint, markers, plaster, iron-on beads, Funmais, wire, wood and more.

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The little ones

Children aged 1 and over can already start expressing their creativity. Our My first products are completely safe and are a fun way of introducing children to painting, drawing and using play dough.

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Iron on beads 2.0

Who doesn’t love playing with iron-on beads? There are so many things you can make with them. Even your mum secretly enjoys playing with iron-on beads. Especially after she’s heard that our beads are PVC-free and made in our factory in Enschede.

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There are so many things to discover in the world around you! Like nature, animals and the ground beneath your feet. You don’t need boring science lessons to learn about these things because with SES Explore, you can learn while having fun.

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Playing outside

It’s time to go outside! Our Outdoor products make it so much fun. Give the pavement or your sandbox beautiful colours, launch a rocket or blow huge bubbles!

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Have you heard of Funmais? You can use this material to make wonderful figures! Funmais is made from real corn. You don’t need any glue, just a bit of water.

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Learn while you play

Everyone around you is already able to cut, glue and thread and now you want to be able to do these things as well! Are these skills tricky to learn? Not at all! With the SES I learn products, learning has never been more fun!

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Playing in the bath

Having a bath is always so much fun, but it’s even better if you can play and make a mess. With SES Aqua, you can make a work of art on the bathroom tiles or catch fish in the bathtub.

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Do you like to pretend to be someone else sometimes, like a superhero or a princess? Then you will love our Clowny products!

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Glitter and glamour

Do you love glitter and crafting? Then our Glitter dreams products are exactly what you need! Be enchanted by our glittery crafting sets.

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