Frequently asked questions


Where can I buy SES products? 

Our products are available in most well stocked toyshops. Many of our products are also available in various department stores.


My two-year-old son loves colouring. Can I let him use markers?

We have developed ‘baby markers’ specially for very young children. These are markers which can easily be washed off children’s sensitive skin. They also have a round point and safe cap.

Make up

My daughter would like to have her face painted every day. Could this be harmful for her skin?

No, our products have been specially developed for sensitive children’s skin and meet very high cosmetic standards.


My eight-year-old granddaughter loves to make things. Shouldn’t she have grown out of that by now?

We hope not! Making things is a very enjoyable and useful pastime. Your granddaughter sees something lovely develop as she works and that stimulates her imagination and her creative development. SES has fantastic hobby sets for children of all ages.


Our four-year-old twins like to play with bath paint in the bath. The water then becomes coloured too. Isn’t that bad for their skin and will I be able to get the bath clean?

You don’t need to worry, because our bath paint is totally skin-friendly and you can easily rinse the bath paint off your bath and your children with water.

Play dough

My three year old son loves playing with play dough, but he keeps putting it in his mouth. Is that harmful?

Not at all! Your son is exploring the world around him and that includes ‘tasting’ everything. SES takes that into account. Our products are therefore safe and gluten-free. We obviously recommend that you don’t leave very young children to play with play dough on their own.